Senior Producer

We’re looking for a permanent Senior Producer to join our team.

At Poke, Producers play a crucial role; they make sure we’re delivering the best work that we can. We’re looking for people who can get things done, but just as importantly think very hard about why we’re doing them in the first place.

What kind of person are we after? You’ll:

  • Have extensive experience of working with the range of disciplines required to deliver an interactive project; creative concept development, technical development and delivery, user experience and design, copywriting, social assets and video production. In other words, you'll be a well-rounded Digital Producer. Whatever "digital" means these days
  • The ability to lead a team with confidence and to make sure that there is balance between the competing demands of all involved parties, both agency and client
  • The understanding that you are the owner of a project, that you are responsible for making sure that the project is solving the right problem in the right way and you’re strong enough to defend that position
  • Seek to solve problems in a positive way, exploring alternative solutions and clearly communicate the pros and cons of different approaches
  • Listen to all members of the team and consider their opinions dispassionately
  • Be able to break down complex problems into manageable, understandable chunks
  • Help people synthesize individual elements of a project together to make a better whole
  • Understand how project decisions can have a broader impact across an account and can work well with the Client Services team to make sure that a project is doing the right thing in the context of an ongoing client relationship
  • Understand how to identify and manage risks within a project
  • Not shy away from hard and potentially unpopular decisions
  • Have grace under pressure, plus excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Be numerate, to the extent that you also understand Excel is not just gridded paper
  • Have good negotiation skills, with both individuals and third parties
  • An eye for both quality and profit
  • Finally, you’ll never, ever, give up.

If that sounds like a hell of a list, it is, and we make no apology for that. If you’re ready for the job you’ll know that’s what it takes to do it well. We’re looking for someone who has the skills, experience and personality needed to organize some very talented, strong-willed individuals.

Does that sound like you? If it does then please get in touch. You'll get paid money and be able to work in a nice place with lovely people and plenty of scope to be dead creative.

To apply send an your CV to with ‘Senior Producer’ in the subject line.

No agencies, please.