We're helping Ted Baker with some "gossipy business"

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Poke Studio

Our friends over at Ted Baker have a smashing new collection, but also their hands full with the Bakers, a perfectly wonderful cul-de-sac family with a secret life to be discovered on Instagram. And we reveal all with a combo of InstaStories and community engagement.

We’re running a week long Instagram campaign where we invite Ted's audience to become part of the community. They’ll be able to get involved in all the stories and gossip happening on Tailor’s Lane and will even be given a chance to appear on Tailor’s Lane’s go-to gossip channel.

We've created gossip stories which involve unfinished scenarios and post these on our Instagram feed. We then call on the audience to fill in the blanks using their own UGC. They submit their photos, videos, Boomerangs or comments by tagging their location as Tailor’s Lane, becoming part of the neighbourhood. We will then choose the best post that fits the unfinished scenario and publish it on our gossip TV channel the next day.

Want to become part of the drama? Head on over to Ted Baker's Instagram channel here