Asking life's big questions with UBS

Project Launch
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Poke Studio

Last year we embarked on what has been one of the biggest and most ambitious Poke projects to date: helping UBS re-launch their brand globally. Working as TeamUBS, a collaborative group made up of Publicis Worldwide talent, the first of this work was revealed on September 1st.

Facing challenging circumstances, UBS has worked tirelessly to improve the operations of the bank and shift perceptions of the brand. After CEO Sergio Ermotti took the helm, the bank has undertaken a renewed strategic direction, with positive results reflected in its biggest growth figures from recent years.

Against this backdrop of renewed focus and energy, TeamUBS was tasked to come up with a new proposition for the brand and a campaign that would show how things have fundamentally changed. We realised early on that we’d have to take people on quite a journey that would make people see the bank in a new light and reconsider its commitment to customers.

And what better journey to explore if not your own life journey? Our global rebranding focuses on asking questions spanning a lifetime of milestones with obvious and not-so-obvious financial implications, such as, "Is Father Christmas real?"; "Will you marry me?"; and "Am I a good father?”

The questions are designed to carry with them a powerful, yet humble message brought about by the new positioning: "For some of life's questions, you [UBS clients] are not alone. Together we can find an answer." The digital-heavy campaign starts with ads created with help from Annie Leibovitz, inviting people to ponder life, business, and how they might leave their mark on the world.

With so many questions asked, the campaign site aims to bring a resolution to this tension and buildup – what does it mean to be a good father? Here one might reasonably ask, “is UBS going to tell me how to be a better father?” No, but much like the experience of being a customer of theirs, the page attempts to challenge the reader with multiple points of view on the same topic in order to help them get to the right answer.

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There are lots of questions to go through and this is only the start of a long and focused campaign. So next time you fly through selected global airports or pick up a digital copy of your favourite business or lifestyle magazine you just might see us.