EE Wembley Cup is back!

Project Launch
Written by
Poke Studio

Believe it or not it's been 4 years since we first started thinking about The Wembley Cup. Well, actually, if you ask the original team working on it, the thinking started about 8 months before so it might be even longer. But here we are, Year 4 of our beloved Wembley Cup is finally on its way and we are proud to kick this year off with a bang. 

You might have seen the announcement (if not watch it here) and this weekend the first episode of the series was released on Spencer FC's YouTube Channel. And boy, did we go all out! First, #wembleycup is a tournament this year and, for this, we took the football rulebook and basically tore it up. You'll have "faster footy" (to quote Spencer), in 30-minute matches, players getting kicked out of the game every minute at extra time, and a new way to draft celebrities for the games.

We're so excited and hope you are too. So go follow Spencer FC and watch this space for more updates.