Cara’s Got a Brand New Bag

Project Launch
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Poke Studio

Last week Mulberry sent the fashion set into a hot sweat when they launched their #SeeYouSunday teaser video, staring Cara, that was featured on the holding page we created for the luxury brand.

To coincide with their London Fashion week reveal of the collaboration, Mulberry then launched a dedicated digital home for the Cara Delevingne Collection. The site features a beautifully ethereal video of the iconic model, posed in a dramatic woodland scene with the handbags she helped create, and also features rich, engaging content that takes users behind the scenes of the day reveal event to the celebrations in the evening.

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The site uses the Masonry JavaScript grid layout to create the feeling of an evolving content journey that perfectly responds to all browsers window sizes, across any device.

The collection will be available from September onwards, and until then customers will be able to discover the collection and the story behind the collaboration unfolding through a series of videos, interviews and photo shoots. We’ve given Mulberry a great deal of flexibility through a CMS to add all types of content as the launch date gets closer.

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Right, time for us to get ourselves on the list to make sure we’re first in line when the range hits the shelves.