New Pokers alert!

Written by
Poke Studio

We've had some good news in recent months and one of them has been that two amazing people have joined our management team.

Aleksandra Melnikova recently joined Poke as Head of UX. Her role will be to drive experience excellence and human-centric approach to challenges, developing key client accounts and being an inspiring leader for the teams. Aleks is trained in Arts and Product Service Systems design, a combination that enables her to make any project, no matter the size, her playground by creating new methods, tools and approaches. 

Andy Dobson has also joined Poke as Head of Tech. Andy describes himself as "a technical director, digital strategist and creative technologist [...] immersed in the creative possibilities of digital technology from it's genesis." Andy comes to Poke via a twisty road through consultancies and in-house teams and is a strong advocate for digital as a multi-disciplinary, collaborative medium.

And here they are looking all Poke-y and excited. 

Header Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash