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When our developer Chris Reeves wanted to play with the python wrapper for LibSpotify earlier this year, he spotted an opportunity to improve the way we do things and solve some of the common gripes people had in the office, as well as build something cool. 

After a quick proof of concept, some great UX thoughts and some serious love for the design we’re putting together something to make our office a better place. We’ve set out to create Poke Radio; a collaborative playlist generator where tracks and users can be liked or disliked. Users can be temporarily barred if they receive too many down-votes, and the wealth of data allows us to create leaderboards for most popular artist and DJs.

As well as solving many an office dilemma, Poke Radio provides us with the perfect platform to create an exciting new collaborative project and challenge our development skills with the chance to try out a few new things. 

Our front-end developers have been itching for a chance to try Angular.js (A javascript framework from Google), and from a backend point of view we’ve enhanced our standard stack (Django + Redis + celery + mySQL) as well as evaluating Tornad.io as a socket server. We also hope to run the whole application on a Raspberry PI with an external sound card. Watch this space...