Search like a G

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New work alert! For 20 years, Google Search has been revolutionising the way we find things. And while the world-changing difference it's made to companies and their customers might be clear to those in the know, there are still some in the dark about how Google Ads can transform businesses. So we’ve invited a friend to help spread the word in our new project with Google UK.

Meet Chabuddy G, aka Alan Brown Sugar, aka The Asian Del Boy, Aka the Mayor of Hounslow. As CEO of the UK’s premier Dial-Up Internet Cabin Cafe, he knows a thing or two about the digital business landscape.

Our 4 episode series and supporting campaign joins Chabuddy G as he gets to grips with Search to launch his flagship product, Peanut Dust, on this very special anniversary. Plus, he’ll be championing the specialists across the country who Search Like a G, as he hosts the first ever Google Search Awards.