Ted Baker, Mission Impeccable

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Poke Studio

You already know we have a bit of a history creating innovative campaigns for Ted Baker. We did an elf quest, a interactive cabinet of curiosities on instagram and some pretty nifty trompe l’oeil. We even had the Chinese writing lines on Weibo a couple of years back.

And now we’re going bigger, better and under-cover to help them launch their Autumn Winter 16 collection, Mission Impeccable!

As always, our campaign is driven by Ted Baker’s concept for the collection launch, but this year it’s extra special because, at the core of it, the campaign builds on the collection’s launch film developed by dynamic directorial duo Crowns & Owls, exec produced by the mighty Guy Ritchie. There’s also quite a bit of fancy tech making this campaign possible and we built that in collaboration with the good folks over at Google Zoo.

So here’s the story: The Ted Baker AW 2016 collection is due to be launched but something goes terribly wrong and world villain The Needle steals the concepts. The launch film tells the story of T.E.D, enigmatic leader of his eponymous agency, who must deploy his best agents to thwart The Neddle’s evil plans – watch the fully shoppable film here.

To tease the concept, we came up with a social campaign in the lead up to the film launch. The teaser sees Ted Baker’s social channels taken over by The Needle (evil guy, remember) and classified information leaked. Ted Baker fans were invited to guess what was behind the leaked info, locate operatives and vehicle registrations and de-encrypt messages for fun and to win prizes.   


To extend the concept into retail, we unleashed the power of Google App’s Voice Search, using simple audience engagement to enhance the retail experience.  In simple terms, walk in front of a Ted Baker store, ask the Google app the odd spy-ish phrase written on Ted Baker store window and receive prizes inside. Easy! Simple on the surface but clever bits behind the scenes manage the prizes store by store and switch messaging when stores are closed (we call it chronofencing but then people keep saying that’s not a word….yet)

Ted have built a brand without traditional advertising, by maximizing the impact of their store experience, now with the help of digital channels really beefing up the reach of Ted’s unique spirit (something Poke helped them with a few years back - link here). So when they put on a show they really know how to connect it all together and why that’s important. They create a whole narrative world, not just a replicated message, which means the concept naturally extends beyond the campaign imagery to a vast range of executions, that consequently feel naturally joined up with the rest of the campaign.

Check out our work on Ted Baker’s Instagram and Facebook pages or walk up to any Ted Baker store in London (also available in some US and Canadian locations :D).