OMG! Webby Honouree for The Wembley Cup and Ted Baker

Written by
Poke Studio

We've been big fans of the Webbys for a very long time and got our hearts broken last year when our projects did not make it onto the finalist lists. So we're SO excited that our work for EE and Ted Baker made it on the Webby Honourees list of 2017.

The Wembley Cup and Ted's Mission Impeccable collab with Google are official Webby Honourees in the Online Guerilla & Innovation category! Hurraay and here's the regular "acceptance" speech: 

Thank you to our clients EE and Ted for allowing us to make great work. Thanks to Google, MEC, Cake and M&C Saatchi for being awesome partners and supporting our crazy ideas. And, mostly, thank you current and past Pokers for always being the best! Also, thanks Mom and Dad ...