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A Connected Marketing Suite for Here East

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It’s already two years since we launched Here East. Since then, we’ve been busy developing the go-to-market strategy, launching websites, commissioning Robots and making films.

For the Here East marketing suite, we collaborated with master architects Hawkins\Brown and long-term brand & design agency partner dn&co. to develop an immersive experience for guests, VIP’s and prospects. It allows Here East to tell their story, explain the vision and showcase the spaces available within the campus.

Design, digital and architectural experts came together to design a physical space, an exhibition, and a digital tool, for a whole new type of immersive marketing suite.

Project Details
Rapid prototyping
Launch Date
December 2015

The Challenge

Most marketing suites, residential or commercial, exist to sell identical units. At Here East however, there’s not two of anything. We needed to sell a broad range of spaces to an even broader range of potential tenants; from dance studios and robotics labs, to brunch spots, co-working spaces and maker workshops.

Here East has a unique proposition – one that could not easily be bottled down into a traditional narrative or indeed marketing suite environment. Our solution had to be as interesting as the brand’s story, and as versatile as the diverse tenants we wanted to attract.

Our Approach

The Here East campus has been there since the Olympics, so unlike most marketing suites, visitors could look out and see the buildings in the flesh. That freed up our suite to tell a bigger story.

It has three core components: the architecture, an exhibition with models, and a bespoke presentation app; with one narrative that stretches across all three.

The architecture showcases the fixtures and fitting used elsewhere on site, and acts as a working prototype of available construction techniques.

The exhibition is laid out to direct the visitor flow, with different zones within the suite for different storytelling needs. It uses a series of displays, props, models and visuals to support the master narrative.

And finally, the bespoke app controls the suite and sits at the heart of the experience. It guides the narrative, but affords the presenter great flexibility. It’s an iPad application that controls direct media playback on the screens, as well as lighting and sound volume in the room.

We designed our approach around user-needs.

We started by talking to the sales agents to find out what they needed and how they like to work. We quickly learnt that each agent had their own preferred way of telling the Here East story, and that they would tailor it to every prospect (and every visit – showing someone around for the third time would be very different to the first).

So we created one master presentation narrative, but gave the agents complete flexibility over its customisation.

The app also provides them with presentation hints and key facts privately on their iPad screens – crucial as they represent dozens of property schemes at any one time.

Multiple ways to tell a single story

The flow was designed so that new visitors would have a different journey to those on a second or third repeat visit. Each of the different zones within the suite was designed with these stages in mind.

A presentation can be conducted entirely digitally on any of the screens – from visionary films to the tiniest details of an architectural drawing – or entirely physically using exhibitions, models and pull-out displays. The reality is a unique mix of both, which the presenter tailors to the moment.

Seamless Presenting

The suite has 3 screens – a modest 40” LED screen for the intimate chats, a 65” 4K monitor in the boardroom, and an enormous 5x8m outdoor-grade poster display in the main exhibition area. The presentation can be displayed across all three, or targeted to a specific screen as people move around the suite.

But flickering screens and juddering audio have no place in a cathedral of technology like Here East. So in order to move seamlessly between screens without complex and unreliable AV switching, or a reliance on consumer-grade transmission technologies like AirPlay, the presentation is rendered by each screen independently, controlled by a mediating server through the app. It also allows the presenter to adjust sound volume and even the room’s lighting. This is facilitated by a set of internal web services linked to the infrastructure in the room.

The end result is a slick and responsive experience that feels seamless to the viewer.

Delivering the Here East story beyond the suite

We knew the suite wouldn’t be the only place where agents may find an opportunity to present. Traditionally, they would have had to rely on printed brochures, but we thought a technology brand could solve that in a more native way.

That was one of the reasons we chose an iPad as the master device, so it could always be carried around and ready to present. Without its familiar ‘home’ network, our app detects it’s away from the suite, and adapts to an intimate presentation tool where presenter and viewer share the same screen. Thanks to extensive caching of media, the whole presentation can be delivered regardless of internet connectivity.

This marketing suite has been the ultimate manifestation of collaborative efforts: how digital is stitched together with physical, how the concept has come through, how different industries and companies are represented in here.

— Joy Nazzari, Founder, dn&co.

This whole marketing suite tells a story. You walk away thinking there’s an element of authenticity. They do what they say, and it’s not just a marketing ploy – and that’s something really special.

— Gavin Poole, CEO, Here East