Work — EE BAFTA 2018

Red carpet couture to affordable fashion with a swipe

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How do you demonstrate EE’s superior 4G network at the 2018 BAFTAs ceremony? Easy - by using the power of technology to bring people closer to what they love the most about the BAFTAs: celebrity fashion.

On the night, EE’s ‘Style Scanner’ enabled BAFTA viewers to buy affordable, celebrity-inspired fashion in real time directly from Instagram. Plumbing Snap-Fashion’s fashion Ai into Instagram stories meant instant shoppable recommendations- a global first.

Over 25 film stars were scanned on the red carpet, including Jennifer Lawrence, Gary Oldman and Naomie Harris. Millions of fans watched the Instagram stories generated and thousands of looks were swiped-up to reveal affordable “buy now” options from the UK High Street.

Project Details
Social campaign
Branded content
Social commerce
AI / Machine learning
Content strategy
Social communications
Influencer strategy
Launch Date
February 2018

The Challenge

We knew from previous years that celebrities’ fashion picks would be one of the top conversation topics online. But we also knew those outfits were out of most people’s reach.

The challenge for POKE was to use EE’s BAFTA sponsorship and the latest tech to bring the red-carpet styles to everybody, no matter where they were and how much they had to spend. We were going after PR buzz as well as demonstrating why EE is the best 4G network in the UK.

Our Approach

We wanted to close the gap between red carpet style and affordability. But we know all too well the transience of user attention, so we knew this had to play out real-time. Where better than on Instagram- the place where fashion gazing reigns supreme, making it a 24/7 global event.

The Idea

Style Scanner

Shop high-street alternatives to expensive BAFTA looks live from the red carpet.

What We Did

We’re big fans of human beings at Poke, but with the best will in the world, we knew that a squashy human wouldn’t be capable of sifting through all the garments out there on the internet to find a range of related looks, real-time.

We needed an AI; a rich cross-referential database of live-listed, in-stock, live-priced garment options, all ready to respond to an unforeseen set of red carpet outfits.

SnapFashion does exactly that. It chomps through thousands of sources using machine learning to associate materials, colours, materials, finishes and cuts. Celebrity photo in and an affordable spectrum of buyable options out. All in the blink of an eye. Isn’t technology amazing!

All we needed to do now was pipe the results out to fashion fans on Instagram.

To reach these fans in an organic and authentic way we enlisted the help of ‘The Only way is Essex’ star Lydia Bright and fashion blogger Marcus Butler.

Stationed on the side of the red-carpet Marcus and Lydia posted our Style Scans alongside their own fashion commentary.

Style Scanner connected even the remotest locations in the UK to the red carpet. Now, thanks to EE, everyone could walk away with a little bit of BAFTA glamour.


  • Fans watched our Instagram stories over 3.8m times. Three out of four of people watching stayed all the way to the end.
  • People swiped up 24.5k times as the experience enticed many of them to find out about the recommended affordable outfits.
  • EE would have needed £300k to have a similar impact using paid media formats, but most importantly, everything was made possible for fans by using its superior 4G network.