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Inviting UK teens to address the nation for Barnardo's

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One of the original "transmedia" campaigns from 2009. We gave the nation a real reason to listen to young people by creating a powerful, alternative Queen’s Speech, delivered by children and aired on Christmas Day. 

What happened

views of a 17-minute film across networks
overall video views over the course of the campaign
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December 2009
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The challenge

Get the public to think about the challenges facing disadvantaged young people across the UK.

Our approach

We engaged influential teenagers and online communities to offer them a unique chance to speak to the nation. Passionate viewpoints were discussed on YouTube and MySpace, while Director, Virginia Quinn toured the country to meet teens without Internet access.

 A thoughtful campaign blog maintained adult-interest in the campaign, which surfaced astounding truths and climaxed with the final film, The Teens’ Speech. While Her Majesty delivered a dry Christmas message, our future generation shared a more provocative, collective impression of the UK that hundreds of thousands of people paid real attention to. 

As well as the main film, a series of assets were generated across platfoms during the activity, including this very astute and moving film from (the then) up and coming poet and performer (now novelist) Kate Tempest.