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Crafting a refined online retail experience for Turnbull & Asser

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Royal Warrant Shirtmaker, Turnbull & Asser, a brand synonymous with timeless style and unsurpassed quality, appointed POKE to help them bring the experience of walking into a Turnbull & Asser store to an online audience.

Through a combination of omni-channel thinking, rich storytelling and user-centric design that evokes and evolves the style and heritage of the 130 year old brand, POKE created an experience truly befitting the Prince of Wales’ shirtmaker.

Project Details
E-commerce website
Luxury retail
Front end responsive dev
Launch Date
November 2015
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The Challenge

Royal Warrant Shirtmaker, Turnbull & Asser, were looking for a strategic partner to help deliver a best-in-class, multi-channel, easy-to-manage eCommerce site for existing and potential clientele that could grow with the brand as it moves into new markets and would put them in a pioneering position within the luxury menswear market.

But the challenge wasn’t simply to create a premium eCommerce experience; it was to provide a platform that enabled Turnbull & Asser to tell the brand stories that makes them so unique, to present their wares in a manner befitting of their quality and to translate the physical and emotional feeling of walking into one of their stores, be that in London or New York, into a cutting-edge web experience.

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Our Approach

Turnbull & Asser create highly individual products and offer dedicated customer care of an exceptional quality. To differentiate from the competition and attract and build long-term relationships with new and existing customers we needed to migrate these aspects to the online space and invent new ones that complement and progress the brand. The customer is always at the heart of the Turnbull & Asser service, and we wanted to reflect this in how we designed the experience.

To help us meet this challenge, we set out some guiding principles that acted as our compass throughout the project:

Get under the skin of the brand

In order to evoke 130 years of heritage of the brand we wanted to fully immerse ourselves in it. The first few weeks of the project saw us visit stores in London and New York, travel to tie and shirt workshops in Kent and Gloucestershire and listen to the incredible stories of tailors, factory workers and archivists who have lived the brand for decades. These experiences instilled a deep knowledge and respect for Turnbull & Asser in the project team that exudes from every page as you navigate the site.

A little background

With an illustrious history and heritage, the brand is renowned for dressing prominent royalty, politicians and actors over the last 130 years in exceptional quality products. Turnbull & Asser Synonymous with a timeless style and unsurpassed quality.

Deliver understated, effortless elegance

A luxury brand experience should represent more than just high quality design and imagery or an elegant tone of voice. It also means ease of use, refined interface behaviours, and highly responsive systems. Our aim was to create graceful technology with speed, robustness and fluid transition as every interaction should reflect the same quality, attention to detail and tailored experience as the products themselves.

Don’t just sell; inspire and seduce

People are compelled by authentic brand heritage stories. We created a platform that allows us to mix editorial content with a simple path to purchase, enabling our customers to get immersed in the Turnbull & Asser story without disturbing their flow through the site.

Aim not just for consistency but continuity

We believe that a real omni-channel customer experience should be seamless when moving between instore and online - visually, tonally and across content, interactions and tools. Although not yet fully realised, phase 1 of the project has seen us lay the foundations for this vision by replacing 3 online properties with a single one, localised across 3 markets, creating a single interface to multiple warehouses and consolidating the offline and online payment systems. Phase 2 will see the introduction of Click and Collect, the ability to return online purchases to physical stores and the consolidation of in-store orders with those placed on the website.

The Results

The new site launched in November 2015 and early signs are promising indeed;

  • Conversion rates are up by 93% on the US site
  • Average spend is up by 72% in the UK and 25% in the US
  • Revenue is up by an average of 43% across the UK & US sites