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For those who love an example of “data-led creativity”, this one’s for you. The “World’s Most Shared Moments” films were released globally hours after each game of the UEFA Champions League tournament, each one gleaned from real fan activity, monitored on social media over the course of the game. By selecting and editing highlights from observed activity and responses, we guaranteed engagement and in doing so created a new form of football punditry, all the time reinforcing Heineken’s positive association with the Champion’s League to global fans.

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May 2018

The Challenge

Watching the UEFA Champions League is a “team sport”. Fans used to gather in pubs and on couches across the world to watch the games together every week. But with matches being broadcast mid-week and fans’ own hectic lifestyles, we started seeing a progressive decline in fans watching together. By 2018, this had reached massive proportions with almost 77% of fans watching the games on their own. All of this posed a great challenge in reaching fans and getting them together. 

Our Approach

Rather than second guess what elements of a game were most engaging, why not just let the data lead the way? If we could track what was getting fans the most excited and how each moment was making them feel, we could simply cut highlight clips with this knowledge in mind. 

We set out to develop a new kind of highlights clip, built by real fan reactions. Our goal was to create the most engaging content, but also to bring fans together in the ultimate collective memento of their game experience.

What we did

To gather the highlights, we partnered with Netbase to capture mentions of a select number of keywords relating to UCL matches. Tracking conversation spikes, trending emojis/hashtags and conversation locations sync’d to the game timeline, allowed the team to identify highlight moments, with a clear sense of the emotional context of each element. 

Armed with this information, we edited 15” films together to showcase those moments and shared them with the world through mobile-first social formats such as Instagram Story Carousels and Canvas. The formats we chose allowed us to provide more interactivity with the content. The video snippets were designed to be more than a passive ad. Fans could “control” the content by tapping left or right to “replay”. To show the fans’ emotional reactions, captured as the game was monitored, we also comped emoji animations over the top of the films.

All the films were distributed organically on global Heineken and UEFA channels as well as through paid social across a range of formats. The campaign ran every week for the whole tournament, ensuring every game and every team were represented, bringing every fan along the journey with Heineken.

Huge reach, matched with relevance for fans all around the world. A global solution with a logical local activation.



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