About Us

We are a team of passionate, committed people driven by our love for creativity and problem solving.

We always try to unearth simple truths that connect brands with people and enhance those connections. And when these truths are lacking, we invent new ones that live in new products, services and experiences.

We're ego-less and jargon-free (unless we’re in the depths of our disciplines and need some elaborate terminology to get things done). Choosing instead to use approachable language and concepts. This unites visions throughout the process of change, while fuelling integration across every stakeholder, client, agency and, of course, the audience.

Our rare culture blends professionalism and informality that means disciplines coalesce. Resulting in projects that function brilliantly, yet also possess spirit, texture and character to fuel that hard-to-reach distinctiveness.

The Founders

Nicolas Roope

Creative Partner

Nick Farnhill


Peter Beech

Founding Partner

Tom Hostler

Founding Partner

International Network

We’re a member of the Publicis Worldwide network, which offers us a truly global platform for creating and deploying our work.

As an integrated component of the network, our thinking and approach can be deployed at significant scale. We bring agility and a highly innovative creative culture that works hand-in-hand with the much larger network, providing fresh ideas that can now have a far greater impact.

We also exist within the Nurun Global Network, representing the UK presence. Nurun’s focus on digital service and product design connects naturally with Poke and again offers global reach and scale to our work across these disciplines.