Case Study — EE Social Hub

Creating a state of the art social listening tool for EE

At a

EE realised they could use social media both reactively – to address customer services issues as they arise – and proactively for marketing purposes. The question was how to place this thinking at the heart of the organisation.

The solution was to set up a social media ‘command centre’ to monitor, coordinate, manage and evaluate social media and feed back intelligence into the business. We developed media monitoring and management tools for this hub. We also helped envisage the 'command centre' where the lights in the room change colour depending on customer sentiment.


What happened

number 1 promoted Twitter campaign
2nd fastest growing Facebook page 2012
most socially devoted brand on FB in the UK
Project Details
Service design
Front end responsive dev
Data and real time intelligence
Content strategy
Experience design
Platform / API integration
Back end platform dev
Social listening and analytics
Social communications
Launch Date
July 2013

The Challenge

Rapidly scale the EE community while establishing EE as the “most advanced digital communications company.”

Our Approach

One of the first facilities of its kind in the UK, the EE Social Hub is a state-of-the art listening centre, complete with a new team and a set of ‘social tools’ to help EE coordinate, manage and evaluate social intelligence in real-time.

It played a pivotal role in the intense launch moments of the brand. As the brand took its first breaths in the world we brought senior representatives from across the business, as well as support and creative teams together in the same room to interpret and react to social activity as one coherent unit.

We created tools to identify the triggers that would identify popular themes that we could use to drive new content, as well as providing real-time feedback on its popularity. By doing this, we were able to create culturally relevant, witty and shareable content, ensuring the brand had a distinctive and noticeable presence in social channels. It also allowed us to make the most of media budgets. If the signs were positive and the content was being shared at significant levels, media would then be spent to give an extra push, capitalising on the content’s resonance with the audience. 

The Social Hub was the meeting point of this new brand with the outside world. Customers, influencers and journalists alike were waiting with pressing questions, concerns, thoughts and opinions. Thanks to the EE Social Hub we were able to clearly distinguish between low-key chatter and more substantial social media discussions. This helped present EE as a truly credible digital brand, by responding in near real-time to comments that mattered.


Through our resonant mix of high quality content and smart media usage we were able to reach significant numbers. And, perhaps most importantly, we proved that social wasn’t just a “nice to have” but pivotal to any new brand’s success; especially those working primarily in the digital space.