Case Study — Global Rich List

Highlighting distorted ideas about wealth in the west

At a

We created a rich list with a difference. It extended from the usual top 100 all the way to the bottom of the 6 billion plus citizens of the world. And anyone could find out where they sit.

What happened

page views in one year
10 yrs
on Google's 1st page for the word 'rich'
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Project Details
Poke project
Front end responsive dev
Data and real time intelligence
Experience design
Launch Date
July 2013
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The Challenge

How do we make people assess their notion of wealth enough to donate to a poverty charity.

Our Approach

We charted the world’s spread of wealth using world bank data and other credible sources. From this data, an application was built that could place people’s individual income against this map to give them a relative ‘position’ in the overall Global Rich List.

Timing the launch with The Times Rich List, the site design subtly duped visitors into thinking they would feel poor and insignificant. Of course, the opposite was true. 

Most visitors were shocked to see how well off they were compared to most of the planet. Having assessed the notion of wealth in such a personal way, they were immediately at a disposition to give to our selected charity Care International.


We created a tool that 10 years later is still viewed millions of times each year. A single day in January 2015 saw as many as 500,000 views. It has also been a success for Care International who have gained increased exposure and a new donation channel, with 13,000 click throughs to donate tracked in the last 12 months.


  • This site tells you how rich you are compared to the rest of the world
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