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Game of Thrones: The Exhibition – an event to die for

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Working hand-in-hand with sister agencies, Publicis London and PBJS Seattle, we crafted an exhibition experience, layered with interactive photo and video opportunities, that placed visitors right in the heart of Westeros. 

To create an immersive, yet shareable experience, we knew we had to centre our thinking around mobile devices people were likely to have with them at the show; enter the Game of Thrones exhibition companion.

Project Details
Social campaign
Experience design
Platform / API integration
Back end platform dev
Launch Date
January 2015
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The Challenge

Build on the worldwide success of the Game of Thrones Season 4 exhibition by building an even better physical experience and imagining and creating moments that immerse visitors in the world of Westeros but that also beg to be shared.

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Our Approach

The companion is a mobile-optimised, web-based platform for content delivery and sits at the heart of the new exhibition. We designed it to be the place to see, store, and share assets from before, during and after the show. 

It all starts from the very beginning when you register and choose a House. Not only connecting you closely to Game of Thrones, but also determining which actor will deliver the event-exclusive welcome video to your companion - scripted by POKE, shot by HBO.

Interactive photo and video opportunities around the exhibit allow fans to pose in perilous scenes that, using a combination of facial recognition and CGI, are turned into social-friendly, shareable souvenirs; again delivered to the companion. So whether you’re being torched by dragons or turned into a White Walker, you’re only one click away from boasting to your friends about it.

The story is tied together at the end by the arrival of another exhibition-exclusive video from your House representative, thanking you for your service and timed to be delivered once you’re home, safe from the perils of Westeros.


One of the first fully integrated pieces of work between POKE and Publicis; the exhibition is currently on its round-the-world tour. The first show at London’s O2 arena sold out in less than 30 minutes with 96% of those visiting registering for our event companion and 78% of those going home with a photo or video souvenir.