Case Study — Ted Baker e-commerce site

Creating a global e-commerce site for Ted Baker

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We developed a user focused site that fully supports the brand’s growing number of global, omni-channel activities, without sacrificing any of Ted’s uniquely quirky personality.

The new platform forms part of Ted Baker’s ongoing success in both the UK and overseas. In the half year after launch, online sales grew by 48.1%, and this has increased to a growth of over 60% in December 2014.

What happened

increase in online sales (Dec 2014)
Project Details
E-commerce website
Experience design
Audience insights
Launch Date
October 2013
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The Challenge

Our brief was to create a new site for Ted Baker that can improve the domestic shopping experience, while playing a vital role in Ted’s international expansion plans both in terms of sales and brand awareness. 

It needed to work across many screen resolutions and in multiple languages, introducing new omni-channel functionality such as click and collect. 

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Our Approach

Our first job was to look at the differing way in which men and women shop. Interviews at Ted’s flagship Covent Garden store provided us with an insight that many had long suspected: women tend to have a clear idea about what they’re looking for, while men (sorry fellas) often need a little more direction.

Our findings helped us to reconsider the traditional UX of retail e-commerce to better suit the browsing and buying patterns of Ted’s customers. We decided to create two highly flexible page templates, so that men and women can be guided along two different journeys. With a focus on personalisation, each journey is tailored to specific browsing behaviour and interest in different products and collections.

A toolkit has also been developed, containing 27 distinct templates in total. This means the site can be easily adapted for each season – and each region – as Ted continues his adventures into new and exciting far-flung lands.

With a logically structured and user-friendly structure in place, we were able to bring Ted’s signature quirky personality to life online. This wasn’t just for our amusement (fun though it was). Rather, as a brand that is rapidly expanding into regions with lower awareness – and often minimal or zero store presence – it made a great deal of financial sense. Ted’s personality inspires loyalty and gives the brand a unique positioning in the fashion world.

Taking our responsive design, software solution provider neoworks then implemented the new site based on the Hybris commerce suite. Neoworks have implemented new functionality around the user journey and integrated the platform directly to the back end warehouse, OMS and CRM systems. Furthermore, integration with other 3rd party tools for search and navigation now drives flexible merchandising opportunities on the site.

The new site delivers a seamless customer experience that further enhances Ted’s omni-channel capabilities.

The Results

We’ve transformed Ted Baker’s online experience with a complete redesign using a responsive web design approach. With online sales up 60% by the end of the launch year, the site balances e-commerce best practices with Ted’s irresistibly quirky personality to create an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is hard working, just like the great man himself.