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Redesigning Kipling’s e-commerce site to bring the brand to life

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We designed a new e-commerce website for Kipling’s fun-loving brand that appealed to fanatics and new customers alike.

We faced a challenging deadline and with clients and a development team located in different parts of Europe, collaboration and communication were key to the success of this project. Working within the restrictions of Magento and Wordpress, we were able to rework the product structure and create a design that was both unconventional but still met established customer expectations of an e-commerce site.

Project Details
E-commerce website
Experience design
Launch Date
September 2014
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The Challenge

We were tasked with redesigning the e-commerce site in a short time frame and within the restraints of the existing Magento CMS to improve the shopping and brand experience for visitors. The Kipling site faces stiff competition from cheaper re-sellers online and therefore needs to offer an experience that is demonstrably better to meet ambitious conversion targets.

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Our Approach

With a client team split between Belgium and Italy and the development team Smile based in Paris, we knew that close collaboration was going to be key to delivering this project successfully. We started with a short discovery phase where UX designers and visual designers worked closely to establish the design language, restructure the site and create experience principles to focus the subsequent work.

We then broke the site down into a series of two week ‘sprints’ starting with the most important functionality first - basket and checkout. This allowed us to gather requirements, design, gain sign-off and handover complete designs and prototypes to Smile in an efficient way every few weeks. While we were designing the product pages, Smile were building the checkout, but each step of the way the entire team knew what everyone was working on and how it would all piece together.

Despite the constraints, we wanted to create something that was uniquely Kipling. The design language is clean, bright and clutter-free with a hint to a ‘scrapbook’ concept that brings personality to the site. 

The product pages use an unconventional structure to highlight the different practical features and, importantly for customers, the monkey companion that comes with each bag. 

The new navigation offers a variety of routes into product including style, price, usage and popularity, giving space to show a visual product feature. 

Consideration was given to the names of categories to reflect search behaviours. Similarly, on listings pages we created a new format for product names and short descriptions to make browsing easier.

The checkout was simplified by reducing the number of steps, removing unnecessary fields, rewriting labels and adding in-line validation. The payment process was taken out of an overlay and integrated into the final page view, creating a fast and seamless experience.  

The Results

With close collaboration between client and development partner, we have created a site that now reflects Kipling’s brand values more closely while also offering an easy, enjoyable browsing and buying experience that gives a reason to shop here, over and above buying from re-sellers.