Shake it OFFF

Written by
Marcella Tarable

Let’s face it, winter is crap. It’s cold, dark, and miserable. The worst thing? After a few weeks of dread, we get used to it; and as soon as we know it, we become lethargic creatures who cuddle up under the duvet watching TV series and order take-away three times a week. OFFF Barcelona came exactly at the right time; with a sun kick and a shot of creativity, it managed to shake that horrible feeling away and inject the right attitude for the coming months.

For those of you who don’t know, OFFF Barcelona is a three day festival of design and creativity. From artists to directors to designers, it’s an immersion into the creative process of some of the best creative minds on this planet.

Here is a little summary of few of my favourite people who I hope will inspire you as much as they did to me:

Ivan Cash

Ivan is the un-usual creative I really envy: when he has an idea, he just makes it without asking permission. He even managed to get arrested once in New York. I love all his work as it focuses mainly on human connection, stimulating conversation around the topic.

One of my favourite projects of his is the ‘Last Photo’ project, an ongoing video series where he asks strangers in different cities to share the last photo on their phone and tell its story.

Last Photo Project - Case Study from Ivan Cash on Vimeo.

One of his quotes was ‘everything is an experiment’, which I completely agree with. We too often tend to doubt our ideas even before testing them out, when in reality we should make stuff and see what happens.

Vallee Duhamel

The creative duo Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel literally blew my mind. While being tremendously humble, they shared their wisdom on making work that looks amazing with very small budgets. In the first years of their career they shot work in their living room with limited space and cash. This year they were commissioned to create the end titles for OFFF, which you can find below: 


OFFF Barcelona 2017 Main Titles by Vallée Duhamel from OFFF, let's feed the future on Vimeo.

This specific work was all shot on green screen, how incredible! Before leaving the stage we even had a paper plane battle which made 2000 people go back to be a child for a few minutes. 

News posts > OFFFValeeDuhamel.jpg


Stink Studios 

Lastly, Stink shared some great wisdom that every person can take inspiration from. One of their slides said: EXPERIENCE IS OVERRATED, INCREDIBLE PASSION ALWAYS BEATS EXPERIENCE, which I can’t agree more with.

They spoke about one of their interns, who decided to take the challenge of creating a trailer for their Google experience ‘Inside the bat cave’. With no experience on the 3D programs he spent days and nights creating this beauty you can see come to life on their site. 

 News posts > OFFFStinkBat.png

He’s just turned 21 and has now a job at Stink, obviously.

OFFF to London

OFFF has been a nurturing and inspiring experience which I’d suggest to anyone who is passionate about creativity. And luckily, the festival is coming to blow our minds this coming September in London to make sure we don’t go into hibernation this winter.

See the amazing speaker line-up and grab your tickets from